Parslows Jersey employment lawyers know that employment related matters can be stressful for an employee. We will take time to understand your issues and what you would like to achieve.

The complexity in this area of Jersey law means it is crucial for you as an employee to instruct Jersey qualified employment lawyers to do the best possible job and protect yourself.

We have been advising Jersey employees on Jersey employment law for over 15 years. We are here to support and help and defend you when called upon, whether it be advising on tribunal claims or advising on restrictive covenant clauses  in your employment contract

It really does pay to get appropriate Jersey legal employment advice and support.

Parslows, the Jersey law firm you can rely on.


Parslows Jersey employment lawyers understand that your job matters.

Difficulties at work can be stressful and upsetting, especially if you are facing discriminatory treatment, unfair dismissal, redundancy or require advice on a compromise agreement.

We recognise the importance of providing pragmatic but sympathetic advice and assistance to employees when dealing with problems at work. Our Jersey lawyers will support you through your issue to ensure you know where you stand at all times, whilst also making the process as painless as possible.

Compromise Agreements

Parslows Jersey have unrivalled expertise in negotiating and advising on compromise agreements.

Our employment lawyers  provide advice to employees at all levels of seniority. If you are offered a compromise agreement, you should obtain expert Jersey legal advice as soon as possible. We can advise you on any claims you may have and can negotiate the best compensation package for your circumstances, ensuring that the agreement is adequately drafted to provide you with the protection you require.

Employment Restrictive Covenants

Employment restrictive covenants / restraint of trade clauses are common in Jersey employment contracts.

A typical restrictive covenant clause will prohibit a former employee from working in a specific area of employment in Jersey for a period of time. It’s important for those who are leaving employment to be aware of the impact such a clause can have. Parslows Jersey lawyers are regularly asked to interpret and deal with such issues.  Whether you’re an employee being accused of a breach, or you’re simply entering into a new employment contract and seeking some limited advice on the terms of the restrictive covenant, we’re here to help.

Our lawyers have a proven track record in providing advice and representation on a wide range of employment law issues. Our employment lawyers have the experience and knowledge you need, whether advising on a contract or representing you in an employment tribunal. We’re committed to helping you get the best outcome possible. Contact us today or call 630530.