Parslows Notaries offer notary services to both private and business clients in Jersey.

We can assist you with all your notarial requirements, whether it be certifying a true copy of a document, witnessing the signing of corporate documents, authenticating statutory records or witnessing a power of attorney. We also provide Jersey legal opinions if and when needed.

Whether you are a business or individual client, you will find our Jersey notarial services second to none.

We offer same day notarial services.

Parslows, the Jersey notarial firm you can rely on.

Notary Services for Business

Our notary publics provide proof of documents, transactions and facts to the satisfaction of authorities or companies overseas. We can assist you with all your corporate notarial requirements and with Jersey legalisation too.

Our  notary services business includes:

  • Confirming that documents have been duly executed by Company officers.
  • Taking oaths, affidavits and statutory declarations.
  • Confirming that documents for use in Limited liability partnership structures are duly executed.
  • Witnessing powers of attorney to enable the appointment of representatives overseas.
  • Swearing Affidavits by company officers for foreign courts certifying true copies of company documents.

Notary Services for Individuals

The fundamental role of a Jersey Notary is to provide proof of documents, transactions and facts to the satisfaction of authorities overseas. For individuals, this will usually involve dealing with the requirements of lawyers or others overseas who have advised that you need to get a document notarised or legalised.

Our notary services for individuals includes:

  • Witnessing your signature on documents for use outside of Jersey.
  • Witnessing powers of attorney, enabling the appointment of representatives from overseas to help you buy or sell your property outside of Jersey.
  • Taking oaths, affidavits and statutory declaration verifications, and certifying copies of your academic qualifications in support of applications to work overseas.
  • Proving your identity to bank officials or governmental agencies.
  • Witnessing your Consent to Travel for children.