Parslows resolve boundary disputes, planning appeals, and jointly owned property disputes quickly and cost-effectively.

Property Dispute Resolution

If you find yourself involved in a property law dispute in Jersey, whether it’s related to a boundary dispute, planning appeal, a jointly owned property dispute or some other type of property dispute, Parslows’ Jersey property lawyers are on hand to advise and assist you. As a law firm recognised by the Legal 500, Parslows has a strong reputation for obtaining impressive results and for resolving property disputes cost-effectively.

Property ownership disputes such as cohabitation issues

Whether it be friends buying together in order to get onto the property ladder, parents lending money to their child and perhaps their child’s partner to enable them to purchase a property, the high cost of Jersey property dictates that people will consider Jersey property ownership jointly. A breakdown of a relationship between cohabitees, family members, business partners, or friends, can eventually lead to disputes over Jersey property ownership.

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Party Wall disputes

Party wall disputes can occur between neighbours when buildings are renovated, or some other sort of construction work is carried out on a property. As one party instigates a change that affects both properties, there can be permission issues. Determining what you can or can’t legally do with regard to a Jersey party wall can become a source of conflict and lead to disputes with your neighbour.

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Boundary disputes

In practicality, boundaries are often not clear, and over time, changes can occur that mean boundaries move. Determining which boundary line is correct can become a source of conflict and lead to disputes between neighbours.Boundary disputes are not uncommon and relate to an issue when two parties believe they have the right to a piece of land.

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Under Jersey property law, you owe a customary duty to your neighbour. The Jersey concept of voisinage governs the relationships between neighbouring landowners. This essentially means a landowner can only enjoy his own property to the extent it does not injure his neighbour. Colloquially one may refer to this as “nuisance”, but in legal terms, the English concept of nuisance does not apply in Jersey. Voisinage is a doctrine peculiar to Jersey law.

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Our team of Jersey-based property dispute lawyers deal with property issues on behalf of individuals and companies. If you are in a property dispute, you will want a team of property dispute lawyers to fight your case.

Property experts support our specialist Jersey property dispute advocates with many decades of experience, who have an intimate understanding of Jersey property law and can help you seek an appropriate outcome for your case. Wherever possible, we always seek to avoid lengthy and costly court cases.

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