Parslows provide specialist will writing services to Jersey residents and non-domiciled clients holding Jersey assets.

We are also one of the leading providers of Jersey Probate Services, Lasting Powers of Attorney, and Delegate Services.

Jersey Wills, Succession and Estate Planning

Parslows provide specialist will writing services to Jersey residents and non-domiciled clients holding Jersey assets.

If you live and own assets in Jersey, whether real estate and/or movable, it is essential to make a Jersey Will. Having a Will in place ensures your wishes will be dealt with as you determine, with careful consideration given to family and financial circumstances. If you decide not to make a Will, or don’t get around to it, Jersey law will dictate who will inherit.

If you don’t live in Jersey but own Jersey assets, you should consider drafting a Jersey Will for non-residents to deal with your assets. Any Will made outside Jersey may not account for the assets here in Jersey, and you run the risk of becoming intestate upon your death. Parslows Jersey Wills experts regularly advise on, and draft, Wills for UK and worldwide individuals with assets in Jersey.

Writing a Jersey Will is an integral part of ensuring that your family receives the assets you wish to leave to them. If you don’t have a Jersey Will when you die, your beneficiaries will be decided upon by the law of Jersey. This may not be the way you would choose to leave things. If you want your assets shared the way you wish, then making a Jersey Will is vital for your next of kin. 

We can also advise and assist you in making a Lasting Power of Attorney to give someone you trust the authority to make decisions on your behalf if you lose mental capacity later in life.

The links below provide a helpful overview of our legal expertise of key areas in Jersey Wills, Succession and Estate Planning.

Jersey Will for Jersey Residents

Making a Will ensures that when you die, your estate is dealt with according to your wishes. Contact us for expert legal assistance on drafting your Jersey Wills and advice on estate planning.

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Jersey Will for non-Jersey Residents

Providing a comprehensive Will drafting service for clients who hold Jersey assets but are domiciled outside of Jersey.

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Lasting Powers of Attorney

Making a Lasting Power of Attorney means you can make provisions to give someone you trust the authority to make decisions on your behalf just in case you lose mental capacity later in life.

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Jersey Delegate Services

It is a sad fact of life that an increasing number of us will, at some point, lose capacity to make decisions about the management of either our property and financial affairs or personal welfare. Degenerative, physical and mental illnesses are just a few common factors that contribute to someone losing capacity.

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Registering a Court of Protection Deputyship Order in Jersey

A Court of Protection makes decisions for people who are unable to make decisions for themselves, either in relation to their property/finances or their personal welfare.
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Whether you wish for a straightforward Will or something slightly more complex, Parslows will solicitors in Jersey can assist. Our Jersey Will experts will advise you on the options available to you, from succession and estate planning to whether you need a real estate Will or a movable Will, or both types of Jersey Will. Parslows specialist will lawyers in Jersey take the time to listen and understand your situation, before giving clear, straightforward advice.

Whether you are a Jersey resident, or live overseas with Jersey assets, our Jersey Wills, Succession, and Estate Planning Team advise and assist with an appropriate Jersey Will for your circumstances.

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