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Jersey Application to register Wills of Immovable Estate

Parslows Jersey Probate specialists provide an uncomplicated service to assist people who need to register a Will of Immovable Property.

On the death of an individual with Jersey Immovable estate, an application should be made to the Royal Court. This is to register, by way of demande the Immovable Will to reflect the ownership of the Property.

If you are the beneficiary or responsible for dealing with the deceased immovable estate, our probate lawyers are here to help you to navigate the Jersey legal requirements to register the Jersey assets.

Does an Executor get appointed to deal with Jersey Immovable Estate?

There is no executor of a will of immovable estate. In essence, the property passes automatically upon death to the heirs at law. Where the heirs at law are different to the heirs named in the Will, registration of the Immovable Will will be required to evidence ownership.

What documents do I need to register a Jersey Will of Immovable Property?

To register a Jersey Immovable Will you will need the following:

  • the deceased person’s original will of real estate
  • a copy of the death certificate
  • two valuations of the deceased’s real estate from independent estate agents
  • the stamp duty payable
How do I register a Jersey Will of Immovable Property?

An immovable Will is registered by way of a “demande”. This is, in essence, a written request to the Royal Court seeking the registration of the Will. It is signed by a Jersey Advocate or Solicitor. The Public Registry Registrar will, upon receipt then register the Will in the Public Registry.

Do I have to pay stamp duty when I register the Will of Immovable Estate?

Where the property is left by Will to the heirs at law, only the administration charge is levied by the Royal Court. If the property is not left to the heirs at law, then stamp duty is payable on registration of the Will on the property’s value.

Who works out the value of the property for stamp duty purposes?

An estate agent or surveyor will assess the value of the property. It is standard to request 2 valuations from independent agents.

We offer a wealth of experience assisting you as quickly, efficiently, and affordably as possible to release the Jersey assets.

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