We provide smart, flexible, high-quality commercial law legal services to the engine room of Jersey’ economy, the smaller and medium businesses.

From start-ups to established businesses, we advise, draft, negotiate and secure commercial agreements for Jersey business.

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Commercial Law Jersey

From start-ups to established small to medium Jersey businesses, Parslows are on hand to draft, negotiate and secure commercial and other agreements required for all members of Jersey’s small and medium business community. Our commercial  lawyers are equally at home advising on complex, high-value, multi-jurisdictional projects as they manage day-to-day contracting requirements.

Commercial agreements are essential for all businesses. They manage risk and capture value. Ensuring all your commercial law systems are handled correctly is important for securing a bright and sustainable future for your business.

Parslows provide smart, flexible, high-quality commercial law legal services. Our commercial  lawyers focus on understanding your business and offer practical and commercial advice to minimise risk.

We can offer businesses a range of commercial law services, including everything from commercial law advice such as setting up new contracts, advising on draft contracts and agreements, advising on legal proceedings and taking legal action against those found in breach of contract.

Parslows Jersey Lawyers for Business Law

What is a commercial contract?

A commercial contract is an agreement between parties on a commercial issue. Sometimes they are referred to as business to business agreements to distinguish them from consumer contracts with a client.

What is a joint venture agreement?

A joint venture is a business arrangement where parties make an agreement to pool all of their resources to achieve a specific goal. The goal can be a task, a new project, or any form of business activity. While a joint venture is similar to a partnership, it holds no legal standing, and the venture itself is completely separate from the party’s other businesses.

What is a license agreement?

A licensing agreement is a contract between two parties (the licensor and licensee) in which the licensor grants the licensee the right to use the brand name, trademark, patented technology, or ability to produce and sell goods owned by the licensor.

What is a franchise agreement?

A franchise agreement is an agreement where the franchisor (business) consents to grant the franchisor’s name or franchisor’s systems to the franchisee (individual or entity). For example in exchange for a fee, a business will have the right to use select trademarks of an already-known entity, greatly reducing the businesses efforts to raise brand recognition. A franchise may also provide marketing material, operations handbooks, gprovising processes that have already been proven in the marketplace.

What is a supply and purchase agreement?

This is an agreement by which a seller promises to supply all of the specified goods or services that a buyer needs over a certain time and at a fixed price. The buyer agrees to purchase such goods or services exclusively from the seller during that time. The supply contract protects the rights of both parties.

What is an agency and distribution agreement?

When a business wishes to enter new markets, the provision of an agency or distribution may be the most efficient way for a business to succeed. An agency agreement will be set up to find customers in new markets for a business. In a distribution agreement, the business will sell its products to a distributor and then sell them to new customers in a new market area.

What is an IP licensing agreement?

An IP license agreement is an agreement between a company and its clients for use of the software the company has the rights to. It allows clients to use the software owned by the company detailing the rights they have to use such.

What is an e-commerce agreement?

An eCommerce agreement sets out the contractual relationship and obligations between a website owner and its commercial users. Electronic commerce agreements include terms for the various activities to be performed via internet commerce transactions. These agreements provide a business with protections regarding third party services and transactions as well as limit liabilities.

We act on behalf of businesses of various sizes, high-net-worth individuals and entrepreneurs.

Under our services, we advise on, amongst other matters:

  • Commercial contracts
  • Joint venture agreements
  • License agreements
  • Standard terms and conditions for the sale of goods and/or supply of services
  • Franchise agreements
  • Supply and purchase agreements
  • Agency and Distribution arrangements
  • IP agreements and licences
  • E-commerce agreements

It is essential that contractual relationships with customers, suppliers, service providers and other third parties are understood. As a commercial law firm, our team focuses on explaining the legal issues and associated risks to you so you can make a fully informed decision.

Our commercial lawyers provide timely advice on often complex commercial matters, free from unnecessary legal jargon. Our team of commercial lawyers provide clear advice and are transparent on our fees, in most cases providing a fixed fee.

What our clients say

“You did an excellent job, thank you…”

You did an excellent job, thank you.

Look forward to working with you in the future.

MK LAW firm re Service of Process – business law client

Litigation March 19, 2024

“Guidance and support…”

‘Many thanks for confirming the Decree Absolute and sending through the documentation.
I am most grateful for all your guidance and support throughout the proceedings and acting on my behalf. It's sincerely appreciated.’

Family Law January 3, 2024

“Thank you for all your help….”

Catia, Thank you for all your help.  I will definitely be recommending you going forward

Employment Law May 22, 2023

“Many thanks….”

Many thanks for providing honest advice and keeping me level headed throughout

Jersey Business Law April 22, 2023

“Thank you …”

Catia is fantastic at her job! I don’t know what I would have done in the early days of setting up my business if it wasn’t for her! Thank you for being so supportive!

Jersey Business Law June 16, 2022

“Your guidance and humour eased the process …”

I would like to thank you David [Hill], not only for the professional manner in which you acted on the sale for us, but for your guidance, handholding and humour during the process. It was indeed an intense experience made all the easier for us by this.

Jersey Business Law May 12, 2022

“Extremely supportive …”

You have been extremely supportive [Sue] through a difficult time and you may not realise what a blessing you have been.  Thank you so much for all your help.

Employment Law May 10, 2022

“Work was impeccable …”

Where do I start? I used Parslows for all of the legalities for my new business. I often had meetings, phone calls and emails with Catia Barros & Carl Parslow. The advice, patience, and kindness I received from them and everyone at Parslows was fantastic. The work they did for me was impeccable, and they talked me through everything in stages. When I was unsure, they simplified it and made me feel like I had complete control of what was happening to better my business and its legal aspects.

I thank you all sincerely for the compassion and empathy you had for me while receiving your services. I will be sure to be back again should I request your expertise.
I highly recommend Parslows to anyone. Thank you again, Michael Kirkwood and the staff from Lifeline Training Ltd.

Jersey Business Law March 30, 2022

“Your help is very much appreciated …”

Thank you very much indeed for dealing with this [compromise agreement] so expeditiously today. All of your help on this matter is really very much appreciated. 

Employment Law March 21, 2022