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Homemade DIY Wills in Jersey | Wills Succession and Estate Planning | Parslows Jersey

Homemade DIY Wills in Jersey | Wills Succession and Estate Planning | Parslows Jersey

Be wary of using homemade DIY Jersey Wills

Homemade DIY Jersey wills – The so-called DIY Will kit has grown in popularity over recent years and features heavily on the internet as a great way to save money.  It is tempting to buy a DIY Will kit off the net and believe you have adequately provided for your family by making  Homemade DIY Jersey Wills.

The law on making and signing Jersey Wills is not the same as in other jurisdictions.  As such, DIY Will kits, whilst perceived as being a cheaper option, may not adequately deal with your wishes when you die.  It could result in you inadvertently disinheriting your loved ones.

Jersey Wills may appear relatively straightforward documents.  However, they can be complex and certainly require a modicum of legal expertise to put together.  Remember, we may consider we have many things in common with the UK and other jurisdictions but our laws can be quite different. Jersey law adds certain formalities which are not necessarily found in the UK or other jurisdictions.

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