Parslows become Parslows LLP

Parslows become Parslows LLP

Notice of Limited liability partnership status

On 1 September 2023 the Jersey legal business of Carl Parslow trading as Parslows and Parslows Jersey (“Parslows”) will become a limited liability partnership, registered under the Limited Liability Partnerships (Jersey) Law 2017 (the “Law”) with the name Parslows LLP.

From that date, Parslows LLP will be recognised as a legal services body under Article 17A of The Law Society of Jersey Law 2005 and, as such, will be permitted to provide legal services in and from Jersey.

Following registration, Parslows LLP will have the benefit of all existing client and other contracts entered into with Parslows prior to that date including the right to payment of fees and disbursements.

All invoices issued on or after such date will be issued in the name of Parslows LLP.

Following registration and in accordance with the Law, the partners of Parslows LLP will have limited liability and, generally, will not be liable for Parslows LLP debts or losses.

Terms of business

The existing Parslows terms of business will be amended and updated on the Parslows website,

Any client of Parslows that continues to receive legal services following registration will do so as a client of Parslows LLP and, save to the extent otherwise agreed, will be deemed to have accepted the amended terms of business.

Data protection

Following registration, Parslows LLP will be subject to duties and obligations as a controller in relation to personal data under the Data Protection (Jersey) Law 2018, the Data Protection Authority (Jersey) Law 2018, the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation and all other applicable data protection legislation whether in relation to new, continuing or closed matters or other material.

Personal data will continue to be processed in accordance with the Parslows privacy policy, which will be amended and updated on the Parslows website, here

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