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Buying or Selling Jersey Flying Freehold Property?

Jersey Flying freehold property is similar to share transfer property but the main difference is that with Jersey flying freehold you will own your flat but not the entire building or the land it sits on.

Flying freehold property is popular with young individuals and couples purchasing their first home. This process can be a little more complicated than buying a freehold property, but we will ensure you understand the steps and are kept informed as to how your transaction is progressing at all times

Our Jersey flying freehold experts will  explain the process and be on hand should you require clarity on any part of the process.  To make it a little easier, we offer a fixed fee too!

Parslows Jersey’ team of conveyancers provide an exceptional service for all our flying freehold property buyers and sellers that is timely, accurate and pragmatic, and handled in an uncomplicated and friendly way.

Conveyancing Experts for buying and selling flying freehold property

We provide uncomplicated and friendly advice to property buyers and sellers of Jersey Flying freehold property.

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Fixed Fee Conveyancing, No Surprises.

“Over 90%

of our clients said we were ‘very professional’ in relation to conveyancing and property law

“…you made it all a lot easier”

I just wanted to say thank you, Lindsey, for dealing with everything so promptly to enable completion to take place. It certainly wasn’t an entirely smooth process but you made it all a lot easier.est.


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