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What documents are required for Jersey Resident Probate?

The following documents are required to make a Jersey resident probate application:

  • Original Will with any Codicils
  • Original death certificate, interim death certificate or letter of fact of death (from the Deputy Viscount)
  • Official confirmation of the value of assets and debts (at date of death)

It should be noted that all probate documentation will be retained permanently by the Probate Registrar in Jersey.

What is the stamp duty payable on a Jersey Resident probate application?

Value of estate Stamp duty
£00.00 – £10,000 Nil
£10,001 – £20,000 £100
£20,001 – £30,000 £150
£30,001 – £40,000 £200
£40,001 – £50,000 £250
£50,001 – £60,000 £300
£60,001 – £70,000 £350
£70,001 – £80,000 £400
£80,001 – £90,000 £450
£90,001 – £100,000 £500


Thereafter, for each £10,000 (or part thereof) add £75 | The Probate Registrar will also levy a flat stamp duty fee on all applications. This is presently £80.

What other information should I be aware of regarding Jersey Probate?

Please note that you are not permitted to administer (i.e transfer sell or use assets) the estate in any way before the Oath of Executor has been sworn.