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Jersey Probate lawyers

Our experienced Jersey probate lawyers can help advise you on obtaining probate, managing assets and estates, and navigating through Jersey law. If you need assistance obtaining probate in Jersey, Parslows Jersey’s experienced probate professionals are here to advise you every step of the way.

We provide uncomplicated, knowledgeable advice to help you obtain the Jersey grant of probate (or letters of administration where there is no will) and we’re committed to offering a well-organised and sensitive service at all times.

Our specialist probate lawyers have many years of experience of helping people to apply for a grant of probate or grant of letters of administration and we’ve worked with clients both in the United Kingdom and across the globe successfully obtaining probate (or letters of administration) for clients.

Parslows Jersey probate team is one of the leading providers of probate advice in Jersey and our reputation as pragmatic but sensitive lawyers is second to none. As experts in Jersey Probate matters, we’re quickly becoming the go-to firm when it comes to this service.

Disputing a Jersey Will / Inheritance

If you have been left out of a Jersey Will and are not sure how to proceed, contact Advocate Chris Austin on 630530.  It is important to seek professional legal advice at the earliest opportunity to ensure that the time limit to claim has not passed. Our team of Probate advocates are on hand to assist.


Parslows Jersey probate specialists can assist in all aspects of Jersey probate law. Please get in touch and we can talk you through your options free of charge.

Jersey fast-track probate for UK residents

If you are the executor of a Will from someone who died in the UK, Guernsey or the Isle of Man (or you have been appointed as administrator of the estate if there is no Will) and you have already obtained a Grant of Probate or Letters of Administration, we can help you apply for the fast track Jersey probate process. We are pleased to offer a highly competitive fixed fee for our fast track services (terms and conditions apply).

Jersey probate for Jersey residents

As a Jersey executor of a Jersey Will (or Jersey administrator where there is no Will) you need to ensure that you comply with the legal rules when distributing the estate of the person who has passed away. We can provide advice as to how to proceed with probate, or if you require us to take over as executors and deal with the liquidation of the estate and distribution of the legacies, we can assist.

Jersey Probate for foreign estates (non-UK domicile)

Our probate specialists regularly act for non-Jersey domiciled executors and administrators who wish to obtain probate here in Jersey.  If you are the executor of a Will (or have been appointed as an administrator where there is no Will) for someone who had assets in Jersey but was not domiciled in Jersey, we can help. You can appoint us as attorney executors or administrators to apply on your behalf to obtain Jersey probate or letters of administration.

Disputing a Jersey Will / Inheritance

Parslows Jersey probate experts can advise you on the legal implications of making or defending a challenge to a Jersey Will’s validity, whether it be on the grounds of incapacity, lack of valid execution or undue influence.  Alternatively, if as the next of kin you have been left out of a Jersey movable Will, or the provision left for you in the movable Will is insufficient under the Jersey law of légitime (a right to inherit a portion of the movable estate), we can advise you on the process to assert your rights of Jersey légitime through the Royal Court of Jersey.

Registering an Immovable Will

Under Jersey law, a Will of immovable property will act as a conveyance of the property.  Parslows Jersey regularly assists clients in registering such Wills in the Royal Court public registry.


A jersey lawyer

Natalie Jenner
Head of Divorce, Civil Partnership Dissolution & Family Law, Jersey Probate and Wills & Succession


My main area of practice is in family law, specialising in divorce, ancillaries, matters concerning children, probate law and Wills & Succession matters and I have over 11 years’ experience in such matters.

I advise on all areas of family law including divorce, separation, dissolution of civil partnerships, as well as advising on finances, including high net worth matters.   I also have additional experience in advising clients in relation to a number of complicated private law children issues relating to residence, contact, parental responsibility and non-removal for the jurisdiction.

I am also head of the Probate team and I deal with the administration of deceased’s estates for local and non-local clients, as well as assist individuals with the probate process in Jersey.