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Have you suffered a personal injury?  Are you concerned that you might not get compensated?  We offer a free personal injury clinic once a month to discuss your issues.

Our specialist personal injury lawyers have been qualified to practice Jersey law for many years and are dedicated to working as swiftly and as effectively as possible to obtain your compensation, so you don’t have to potentially lose out by resorting to firms who should not be acting in Jersey or who should not be practising Jersey law. Overseas firms offer personal injury advice relating to Jersey injuries but they are not permitted to practice Jersey law and therefore cannot take your case to Court if required.

If you find yourself the victim of a personal injury, whether it is a road traffic accident, a slip trip or fall or a work related injury,  Parslows Jersey personal injury lawyers are on hand to advise and assist you

We help and advise in a  pragmatic way, either by way of a negotiated settlement or in the last resort Court representation.  We can discuss your requirements at our personal injury law clinic free of charge.

It really does pay to get appropriate Jersey legal advice and support.  Contact us today to reserve your place at our next personal injury clinic. Contact us today. (T&Cs apply).

 Why use a Jersey law firm?

Having a well-respected Jersey law firm with a formidable reputation for effective personal injury representation can make an enormous difference to your case.

Our team has experience advising a wide range of clients on all sorts of personal injuries. Between them, there’s not much our lawyers haven’t done before. Whatever the nature of your injry, we can help resolve the issue.

Whilst most cases can be resolved through negotiation, sometimes court action is necessary. We have an enviable track record of providing pragmatic advice and fighting hard, when needed, to protect our clients’ interests.



It is important to seek professional legal advice at the earliest opportunity to ensure that you do not miss the opportunity to claim compensation.

Don’t take the risk, contact the Jersey personal injury experts.

Parslows, the Jersey law firm you can rely on.


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