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Why are Parslows Jersey Business Employment Lawyers the best solution?

Quite simply we are qualified to advise on Jersey employment law and our team members have been doing so for over 15 years

We are here to help you build your team and defend your business when called upon, whether it be avoiding expensive tribunal claims or drafting restraint of trade clauses to ensure your employees do not take your client base if they leave

Employment law free health check for Employers

How certain can you be that all your Jersey Employment law obligations are met and you are not putting your business at risk?

Parslows Jersey Employment team offer Jersey businesses a once-over review free of charge. There’s no obligation to use our services thereafter. T&Cs apply

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Employment law for business

Jersey employment law is complex and if you want to safely steer your business through employment law issues, it really does pay to get Jersey legal advice and support.  At Parslows Jersey, we have dedicated, qualified Jersey employment lawyers who provide Jersey businesses employment law advice. We assist Jersey businesses in managing employee relations and where disputes arise, provide proactive advice to resolve such disputes. Where a dispute cannot be resolved, we can help you quickly resolve it in a commercially pragmatic way, either by way of a negotiated settlement agreement or in the last resort tribunal representation.

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Employment contract restriction / Restraint of trade advice

Restraint of trade clauses are common in Jersey employment contracts. A typical clause will prohibit a former employee from working in a specific area of employment in Jersey for a period of time. It’s important for business owners to regularly review the efficacy of their restraint clauses and for those who are leaving employment to be aware of the impact such a clause can have. Parslows Jersey lawyers are regularly asked to interpret and deal with such issues.

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HR support and advice

Many Jersey businesses can rarely justify the cost of a full-time HR presence within their business. On the other hand, with ever-increasing employment law and regulatory issues, you’ll have to deal with a range of HR issues and employee problems at some stage in your business career. Making a mistake can be extremely costly. Whilst there are numerous HR offerings in Jersey, they are not qualified to practice or advise on Jersey employment law. At Parslows Jersey, we have dedicated qualified Jersey lawyers who provide Jersey businesses with HR advice and guidance on employment laws.


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I cannot recommend Parslows Jersey highly enough. Very personable and professional, helping with both business and personal legal matters. I dreaded having to go to a Lawyer but they have changed that perception. I recommend Parslows Jersey to all my friends and colleagues. Keep up the good work.

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Thank you again for your timely, focussed and helpful support regarding the drafting and final modifications to this agreement which was signed last Friday. It was a pleasure to work with you.