Couples when they separate do not always want to divorce or dissolve their partnership or they find they have not been married for at least 3 years.   In any event you can, by way of a Separation Agreement, agree how the assets are to be divided, deal with property and financial assets, contact arrangements for children, maintenance and any other issues that may be of concern.

In such cases you need professional, expert sympathetic direction at the outset on the legal options available to you to enable you to make informed decisions.

Our lawyers are dedicated to working swiftly and efficiently, taking as much of the worry off your shoulders as we can. We offer free no obligation initial meetings for people who are considering entering into a Separation Agreement. Parslows Jersey civil partnership dissolution lawyers will provide pragmatic advice and robust representation to protect our clients’ interests.

Our solicitors will work closely with you to build a trusting relationship, giving you pin-sharp advice and ensuring that your needs are being represented.

Parslows, the Jersey law firm you can rely on.