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Criminal defence lawyers

I am charged with a criminal offence – do I qualify for legal aid?

You should contact the Jersey Legal Aid office to enquire whether the offence you are charged with qualifies for legal aid.

Do you still have a right to silence in Jersey?

The right to silence is still generally operative in Jersey and in that respect Jersey differs from some other jurisdictions such as England and Wales, where if you choose not to answer police questions, it can be the subject of negative inferences by a jury at a trial.

I have been requested by the States Police to attend for an Interview – do I have to go?

You don’t have to go, but if you don’t go, you may well be arrested if you don’t Voluntarily Attend At Police Station.

Can I have a lawyer with me if I voluntarily attend at the Police Station?

Yes, you can take your lawyer with you.

If I voluntarily attend the Police Station can my interview still be used in evidence against me?

Yes, it can. You will be cautioned in the normal way at the start of the interview.

What does a Police caution mean?

This essentially means that you are not obliged to speak to the police when you are being interviewed. You are entitled to say ‘no comment’ to each question if you choose to but if you respond to any of the questions that are put to put you during the interview may be used as evidence against you in any subsequent criminal proceedings.



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