Parslows Jersey offer a broad range of expertise to resolve disputes relating to all aspects of private or commercial disputes.

Whether you, as a private individual, or your business find yourself involved in a dispute, whether it’s related to an employment situation, a probate issue, a business relationship or contract dispute, or you have an argument with your neighbour or wish to challenge a Will, Parslows Jersey dispute resolution and litigation lawyers are on hand to advise and assist you.

Our team has experience advising a wide range of clients on all sorts of Jersey disputes. Between them, there’s not much our dispute resolution and litigation lawyers haven’t done before. Whatever the nature of your dispute, we can help resolve the issue.

Every dispute is different and from the outset we assess the most efficient method of reaching a solution, outside of Court where possible and in Court where necessary. Most cases can be resolved through negotiation or through other forms of alternative dispute resolution, but sometimes court action is necessary. If that is the case we have an enviable track record of providing pragmatic advice and fighting hard, when needed, to protect our clients’ interests.

Parslows, the Jersey law firm you can rely on.

Civil Litigation and Dispute Resolution

Nobody wants a dispute, whether it is with another person or an organisation. Unfortunately, it is sometimes inevitable that issues arise. When it does happen, it is vital to engage a Jersey lawyer who can help you win your case, or resolve the issues to your advantage. Our litigation team has experience advising a wide range of clients on all sorts of Jersey disputes.  Between them, there’s not much they haven’t advised on before. Whatever the nature of your civil dispute, we can help.

Commercial Litigation and Dispute Resolution

Whether you run a small private business or a larger Jersey business, commercial issues and disputes that affect you and your business do arise – and they can come from any angle, be it a breach of contract claim, a professional negligence or insurance claim, or a fraud allegation. We understand that such disputes have a negative impact and can seriously disrupt a business.  It is therefore imperative to resolve such disputes as speedily, favourably and cost-effectively as possible. Our commercial litigation team brings to each new case an expert knowledge of the law and an understanding of an opposition’s perspectives and strategies.