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Civil and Commercial Litigation

Nobody wants to get involved in a dispute or litigation; however, it is inevitable that issues arise from time to time.

If you or your business find yourself involved in a dispute, whether it’s related to an employment situation, a business relationship or contract dispute or you have an argument with your neighbour or wish to challenge a Will, Parslows Jersey litigation lawyers are on hand to advise and assist you.

Having a well-respected Jersey law firm with a formidable reputation on your side can make an enormous difference to your case.

Our team has experience advising a wide range of clients on all sorts of Jersey disputes. Between them, there’s not much our lawyers haven’t done before. Whatever the nature of your dispute, we can help resolve the issue.

Whilst most cases can be resolved through negotiation, sometimes court action is necessary. We have an enviable track record of providing pragmatic advice and fighting hard, when needed, to protect our clients’ interests.

Dispute advice line

If you are involved in a dispute or have been served with a Jersey Order of Justice or Summons and are not sure how to proceed, contact Advocate Chris Austin on 630530.  It is important to seek professional legal advice at the earliest opportunity to ensure that the dispute does not escalate. Our team of litigation advocates are on hand to assist.

If you want to discuss your matter with us confidentially, call us on 630530 for initial advice. Parslows Jersey litigation lawyers are pragmatic, down to earth and approachable.


From employment problems to negligence claims, inheritance disputes to shareholder issues, through to enforcement of foreign judgements in Jersey, Parslows Jersey litigation team members can assist.

Property, landlord, and tenancy disputes

Nobody wants a dispute, especially involving your house, neighbour or tenant. Unfortunately, it is sometimes inevitable that issues arise. When it does happen, you need a lawyer who can help you win your case, or resolve the issues to your advantage. Our litigation team has experience advising a wide range of clients on all sorts of Jersey property related disputes. Whether it be over a property boundary, rights of access onto a neighbour’s property or a tenancy dispute.  Between them, there’s not much they haven’t advised on before. Whatever the nature of your property dispute, we can help.

Jersey probate disputes

We are experienced in dealing with all types of contentious matters relating to probate, disputed Wills and estates. Wills and probate disputes often involve a personal element and emotions can run high. We know how difficult these matters can be and have developed a sympathetic approach to dealing with disputes in this specialist area. When litigation becomes unavoidable, we will always try to resolve matters as quickly and as cost efficiently as possible.

Partnership, shareholder and boardroom disputes

When individuals fall out in Jersey business, it can have negative and potentially devastating consequences for the business, company or partnership involved. It’s imperative to resolve such disputes as quickly, favourably and as cost-effectively as possible. We understand that dispute resolution does not necessarily mean litigation, so where appropriate, we will advise and guide you through arbitration, mediation and round table settlement discussions. If litigation is necessary, however, we’ll always try to resolve matters as quickly and as cost efficiently as possible.

Commercial disputes

Whether you run a small private business or work in a larger organisation, commercial issues and disputes that affect you and your business do arise – and they can come from any angle, be it a breach of contract claim, a professional negligence or insurance claim, or a fraud allegation. We understand that such disputes have a negative impact and can seriously disrupt a business.  It is therefore imperative to resolve such disputes as speedily, favourably and cost-effectively as possible. We bring to each new case an expert knowledge of the law and an understanding of an opposition’s perspectives and strategies.

Debt collection

Recovering unpaid debts are an essential part of maintaining effective credit control for Jersey businesses and organisations. To recover debts in a cost effective way, you will need the assistance of an expert qualified Jersey lawyer who can help guide you through the debt recovery process.  We can assist in the recovery of debts with a dedicated fixed-fee recovery procedure.


Chris Austin
Head of (Civil and Commercial) Litigation & Employment Law


I head up our litigation law offering and am involved in all areas of the firm’s work that involve advice on the resolution of contentious issues and claims, including the defence of criminal prosecutions and family law applications. I regularly represent clients before the Courts and Tribunals of the Island of Jersey in regard to such issues. In addition, I am a specialist in employment law, particularly restraint of trade.