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Tips for separated families with child arrangements during social distancing measures | COVID-19

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26 March 2020

Tips and Guidance

  • First and foremost, it’s important your children are aware of Covid-19 and the importance of working together during this time as a family, despite not living in the same home.
  • Have open and honest discussions with your ex-partner in early course about any effects to your current employment due to recent Covid-19 measures. You may both be working remotely, or one or both of you may be classed as an essential worker. It is important to ensure that you are mindful and respectful of each other’s work commitments during this time.
  • Ensure you are both aware of what measures are in place with your children’s school(s). The Minister of Children and Housing, Sam Mezec released a statement (24 March 2020) confirming that those parents who are classed as ‘essential’ workers can still have their children at nursery or school.
  • Make sure you both communicate effectively to confirm dates and times for all handovers (if there are changes to your usual routine). Due to the guidance on social distancing, unless there are serious reasons as to why you cannot facilitate handovers directly with your ex-partner (e.g. due to domestic abuse), then do keep handovers between yourselves and avoid using third parties, particularly grandparents if they considered vulnerable or over 65 years old. It’s also important that the children are made aware of any changes to routine.
  • If your child(ren) has any health issues such as asthma, ensure that all medicines administered are done so in duplicate and that you each have an adequate amount of their belongings, clothing and other essential items at your respective homes.
  • Make the use of FaceTime, Skype, Zoom etc during this time. Not just for your ex-partner when your children are with you but also for extended family members that they will no doubt be missing during this time.

What about self-isolation and the arrangements for the children

If you or your ex-partner are experiencing symptoms and you have been advised to self-isolate, it would be prudent that you call the helpline (01534 445566) in the first instance to discuss your situation and ask for guidance.

It may well be that you are advised to self-isolate and that you are advised that it would be best if the children are to remain with your ex-partner during such period. It is therefore important that you plan in advance and have the above discussions with your ex-partner now, should you be faced with the more serious issue of self-isolation.

If you are experiencing issues with your ex-partner with regards to current child arrangements, or you wish to seek advice/guidance on child arrangements in general, contact a member of our Family Team today. Call 630530 or email us on familylaw@parslowsjersey.com

General guidance

For the States of Jersey guidance on COVID-19 we would recommend that you visit: https://www.gov.je/Health/Coronavirus/Pages/CoronavirusBusinessAdvice.aspx

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