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What should I do about my employees as a Jersey Business | Covid-19?

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In the midst of the turbulence, pandemonium and bare-faced panic stirred up by the Covid-19 virus, we are all in Jersey and around the world seeking that once given but now elusive concept: stability.

At Parslows, we offer level-headed, objective advice on all Jersey employment law matters for both small and medium businesses.

These are unprecedented circumstances, both from an employer and employee’s point of view.

From an employee’s perspective, witnessing first-hand the abrupt decrease in footfall gives rise to their own concerns. Will we be paid for self-isolation? Can we justify our existence in the workplace? If our employment is unsustainable, how will we meet our expenses?

From a Jersey business perspective, whether you are a restaurateur, a builder or any other Jersey business, overheads (especially staff salaries) become a real concern when your customers and clientele steer clear of your business and your staff are sent home to self isolate.

We cannot predict the longevity of the measures being put in place. As an employer, it may be tempting to initiate knee-jerk responses; to add mass redundancies to the chaos in a bid to alleviate cash flow and keep the lights on. But consider this: when this passes, and trade again gathers pace, where will your loyal, trained workforce be? It is vital that employers think ahead to the medium, if not long-term consequences of their current management decisions. This Covid-19 crisis shall pass.

If nothing else, the Jersey legal framework within which employment matters are conducted remains unchanged. Any failure to comply with the current legislation may not be overlooked simply because such failure was committed in the heat of Covid-19. Employers have sufficient issues to contend with at present without adding Employment Tribunal attendances to the list.

This is not to say that some change will not be necessary. To survive, we must all adapt. Some staff may have to reduce their hours, take pay cut holidays and some redundancies will be inevitable. Handbooks may need to be modified in order to introduce new Covid-19 -focused policies.

If you are a local employer seeking advice or clarification in relation to Jersey employment law matters, contact the Parslows employment team.

Don’t initiate knee-jerk responses until you have taken legal advice.

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Useful sources of information

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UK https://www.gov.uk/government/topical-events/coronavirus-covid-19-uk-government-response

International https://www.who.int/emergencies/diseases/novel-coronavirus-2019



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