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Jersey commercial agreements or business contracts

Commercial Law  | Jersey Business Legal Services

A well drafted commercial agreement or business contract is the key to avoiding time consuming and costly legal disputes. Such a document can provide the framework within which you and the other parties involved (such as your suppliers, distributors and clients) can work together, while also protecting your commercial interests.

A commercial agreement or business contract should reflect the agreement you have made with the other party. It should clearly set out what services or goods are to be supplied and what each party is required to do to ensure performance of the contract. A commercial agreement or business contract that does not clearly set out the rights and responsibilities of the parties involved can lead to damaging disagreements. Should disputes escalate, the Jersey Courts will look at the terms of the commercial agreement or business contract and you could find that the document that should have protected you may actually work against you.

Ensuring that you have in place robust, written commercial agreements or business contract can add considerable value to your business.  Agreements with clients etc are after all the backbone to your business and yet all too often little time and attention is given to drafting and or adequately reviewing agreements with supplier, agents, distributors and clients.

We recognise that engaging a lawyer and the costs associated can be perceived as a cost too far. That being said it is extremely important that you protect your financial and business interests.  At the very least, on a risk management basis, you should always consider taking legal advice.

We can assist you by drafting your  commercial agreement or business contract to meet your specific needs. We also regularly review commercial agreement or business contracts that clients are being asked to enter into. We offer commercial, pragmatic advice and work with you to ensure that you enter into an agreement that suits you and your commercial interests.

Here at Parslows we are happy to discuss your requirements and provide you with a fixed fee on a no obligation basis.

For advice, assistance or further information on commercial agreements or any other Jersey business legal services in Jersey please do not hesitate to call 630530 or email us on businesslaw@parslowsjersey.com.

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