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2017 Conveyancing Competition winner

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Parslows Jersey is pleased to announce the 2017 Conveyancing competition WINNER.  This was drawn on 22nd December 2017 by Santa Claus.

The video of the draw  was published on Parslows Jersey facebook page [1]

The 2017 Conveyancing Competition Winner – Mr and Mrs Jonathan and Jennifer Andrews-Figueiredo attended Parslows Jersey at 8 Hill Street, accompanied by their estate agent, Jackie Matthews, to collect their prize. This was a reimbursement of their legal fees for purchasing their house in 2017.

Congratulating Mr and Mrs Andrews-Figuereido, Lindsey Power, Conveyancing Manager at Parslows Jersey, commented on the conveyancing competition:

“In line with our commitment to provide added value to our Jersey property client offering, we are pleased to have been able to present this wonderful opportunity to win back conveyancing fees”.

Parslows Jersey have run this competition for the last 2 years and will be continuing in 2018. (T&Cs apply). For more information about Parslows Jersey conveyancing competition 2018 please go to Parslows Jersey website, Residential Property section.

For advice, assistance or further information on our conveyancing services or on our 2018 conveyancing competition please do not hesitate to call 630530 or email us on respropertyteam@parslowsjersey.com [2] or call 630530

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