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Do Personal Injury Lawyers have a role in Jersey?

As a Jersey litigator, I regularly receive instruction to assist people with personal injury cases. I recall explaining what I did for a living to a colleague who referred to this type of work as ambulance chasing. I explained to her that while there may be a perception of this, in reality, we actually try to help people with matters that can in actual fact be extremely distressing for both them and their families.

Over the years society has labelled lawyers especially in this area of law with various labels and indeed we regularly receive criticism for the work we do. While there may be rotten apples as there are in area trade or professional generally Jersey lawyers who specialise in personal injury work are honourable and truly wish to assist their client. Jersey residents that are affected by medical malpractice, involved in a car accident‚ cycle accidents‚ or injured by a defective product turn to Advocates every day because they know that a Jersey will represent their rights.

The Jersey legal system is where people should turn in their time of need. It is their last avenue for appeal and redress when private parties and the government will not act as responsible for negligent acts.

Jersey exists in a global market and it is unfortunate that advertising from other jurisdictions such as the UK and the USA can taint the good work that Jersey lawyer’s day in day out do. Advertisements we watch every day on television make it seem that all lawyers are only after the money. For the majority of us, this is far from the truth.

Business and people are mindful of what can happen to them if they decide not to behave in a reasonable safe manner.  While the media may complain about various health and safety laws and rules they provide a standard which intends to keep the public healthy and safe.  It should be remembered that the work of personal injury lawyers has in part lead to Jersey residents enjoying this safer environment.

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