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Obtaining a Jersey Caveat to prevent a Jersey Will being registered – a brief guide

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What is a Caveat?

A Caveat is a mechanism for preventing the making of a Jersey Grant of probate or letters of administration until there is a claim against the estate or a disagreement over entitlement. Caveats are lodged with the Jersey Registrar of Probate.

Who can lodge a Caveat?

Any person who has an interest in the movable estate of a deceased person and who wishes to oppose the making of a Grant may lodge a Caveat.

What grounds do I need for lodging a Caveat?  

You must have grounds for lodging a Caveat. For example, if you are concerned that someone who is not entitled to administer the estate may attempt to do so, or that there is prima facie evidence that someone is attempting to register a Will which has been superseded.

How long is a Caveat effective for?

Caveats are effective for 6 months from the date they are lodged with the Judicial Greffe.  They can be renewed in writing on or before the expiry date.

Can I lift a Caveat within the 6-month period?  

If you have lodged the Caveat it can either be withdrawn by writing to the Registrar of Probate, within the 6-month period, or simply by letting it lapse at the end of the six-month period.

Any person whose application for a Grant has been stopped by a Caveat may apply to the Royal Court to have it lifted.

How do I know if an estate has a Caveat placed on it?

A list of current Caveats is displayed on the external public notice board of the Royal Court.

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