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Making a Jersey Will

What happens if I die without a Jersey will?

If you die without a valid Jersey will, you have no say in what happens to your estate. Instead, the ‘Rules of Intestacy’ will divide your Jersey movable and immovable estate in a pre-determined way and this may not be to people who you wished to benefit. It also may not be carried out in the most tax-efficient way.

What is domicile in relation to a will?

If you were born, or have significant, long-term residential or business connections outside Jersey, this may have tax and administration implications. Parslows Wills and estate planning lawyers can advise you about these complex issues and how it could affect your Jersey estate and will.

How do I make a Jersey will and why should I use a Jersey lawyer?

Trying to make your own Jersey will, without Jersey qualified legal assistance, can lead to mistakes or lack of clarity and could mean that your will is invalid.  Indeed under Jersey law a will dealing with immovable estate must be witnessed by qualified parties.  If the rules are not followed the will may be invalid.  You should also note that under Jersey law there are generally two wills:  a will of Jersey immovable estate (i.e. dealing with your house) and a will of Jersey movable estate dealing with everything else

What should I be considering when making a Jersey will

It is always a good idea to make a list what you have in your estate, then you can decide how your estate is to be shared between beneficiaries (who gets what). You also need to think about:

  • What happens if any of your beneficiaries die before you do
  • Who will look after your children (if you have any)
  • Who should carry out the wishes contained in your will (your executor)
  • Any other wishes you may have, for example, whether you want to be buried or cremated.
  • You may need to consider Jersey legitime issues (forced heirship in relation to the movable estate)

When should I update my Jersey wills?

You should review your Jersey wills regularly to make sure they reflect your wishes, especially if you:

  • Get married / enter a civil partnership
  • Get divorced
  • Have children or other relatives you wish to benefit, for example, nieces, nephews or grandchildren
  • Have bought a new property or have recently obtained expensive assets

How Parslows can help

Parslows Wills Succession and estate planning team provide an exceptional service to all our clients.

Our Wills Succession and estate planning lawyers are focused on providing you with expert advice with a truly personal service.

We advise on all aspects of Wills Succession and estate planning: whether it be advice on a standard will or something more complicated involving a trust.

Our clients are pleased with our service and fees, we are confident you will too.

For further information please do not hesitate to call 630530 or email us at willsteam@parslowsjersey.com;

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