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Liability as a guarantor under a Commercial Lease | Jersey Business Legal Services | Parslows Jersey

Guarantor liability under a Jersey commercial leaseLiability as guarantor for a Jersey commercial lease

Agreeing to become a guarantor under a lease should always be very carefully considered.  It is an onerous undertaking; you may, for example, be obligated to continue payments for the full term of the lease, whatever the circumstances, ending up paying off all of the liabilities for the tenant.

So what is a guarantor?

A guarantor is a person who pledges or agrees to be responsible for another’s debt or contractual performance, if that other person does not pay or perform.

What is the meaning of a droit de discussion in a Jersey guarantee?

This is a right of the guarantor to require that recourse be had to the assets of any other person before any claim is enforced against such Guarantor in respect of the obligations assumed by such Guarantor.  In general terms, you will find that if you enter into a guarantee you will be required to contractually agree to waive this right.

What is the meaning of droit de division in a Jersey guarantee?

This is a right of the guarantor to require that any liability under any guarantee or indemnity given, be divided or apportioned with any other person or reduced in any manner. In general terms you will find that if you enter into a guarantee you will be required to contractually agree to waive this right.

When can a guarantor be liable for under a Jersey commercial lease?

The question of what exactly a guarantor is liable for under the terms of a commercial lease will depend on the drafting and specific wording of the guarantee, and whether or not its terms are enforceable.

There may be a limit on the guarantee, or else a break clause in the lease enabling the tenant to terminate the agreement early.

Even if the guarantee is enforceable, the tenant may have  a right to sublet the lease, or otherwise assign the lease to a new tenant.

As discussed above, entering into a guarantee is onerous and may have severe implications for you should the tenant’s business fail and they are unable to meet their liabilities under the lease.

Whatever the case it is important to take Jersey legal advice.


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